Anushka looking for a sweet home in Chennai

Anushka looking for a sweet home in Chennai

The sizzling Anushka Shetty has become a household name in not just the Tollywood industry but Kollywood too. The recent success she enjoyed with ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ opposite Vikram has helped her climb the ladder swiftly. Reportedly she has been receiving plump offers from leading directors and producers who were impressed with her glamour shedding DT performance. In fact Anu is in no hurry and has neatly opted for the best among the lot, as she happily nodded her head to Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan’s dream project Viswaroopam, touted to be  her next big release.

It’s not just Kamals movie that she will be busy with, Sweety has another potential offering with Karthi and there are also rumors of an offer alongside Arya. All in all our Sweety has too many Kollywood projects at hand and shuttling between Tolly land and Kollywood doesn’t seem to be an economic option. So she is decidedly on the lookout for a new home in Chennai. Close sources say that Sweety won’t settle down for something ordinary as she has some perfect plans for her sweet home. Her close pals have suggested her some really good options and one of them falls in the posh areas of Chennai but Anu wants to weigh her options well before booking herself something special.

We wish you all the luck Sweety, hope you find the best one for yourself. And Kolly people you’re always free to help.



  1. Vasin

    I am tired of hearing stories on her success; is she that good? Again the only explanation I could think of is ‘if you manage to be seen as a modest person and keep away from contraversies then Thamilar would say you are beautiful, talented, successful, have potential……Fuc. Very clearly Amala Paul is better than her but nobody likes her…Fuc.

  2. Sudgaad

    Hi Anushka,

    I have house in Chennai which is just like Mansion with accomplished furniture,Bathing Tub, Shower, Honeymoon Bed Room, & Transparent glass Bathroom….Just u come i will give that house for u free of Rent but u have to stay with me in that house….

  3. Smile

    She looks stunning in the still and a lovely red saree.Well…her career is on the rise,loads of money coming in.She can even afford a palace….veedu oru periya vishayama?

  4. Vin

    What’s so great about anushka? She was good in arundhati only otherwise I think she looks average and huge. I don’t understand the euphoria about her. Anyway best of luck anushka.

  5. Vasin

    Exactly! Why do these people always praise Anusha why dont they say something about Vikram? Vikram is so manly and for him everything is big..I meant his heart. Next to Karthi he is is the best man kattai…I would love to have a threesome with Karthi, Vikram and myself. Very tastyyyyyyyyy

  6. Chinna R

    ade neenge vera..ithukellam anushka varathu venamna vasin’le vittudadinge aparum house wife agunam’num adam pudipan..polladhavan..che polladhuvo..haaaaan 😉

  7. Vasin

    @usha used to comment before you started here; she would comment very honestly and’ve got a worthy pat.

  8. someone

    Anushka is No. 1 heroine in both Kolly- and Tolly wood. 
    She’s good at acting, and also many people like her personality. Her simplicity is one of the reasons why people admire her so much! And she never look upon any other heroines as a competition. She has many good qualities, both in personal life and professional life. It’s only 6 yrs (soon 7) since Anushka entered cinema, but she has grabbed alot in those 6 yrs! Compared with any other actor / actress, no one has ever grabbed so much in so few yrs as Anushka has! She has also improved herself, both on-screen and off-screen.  Also if you see on award-functions, interviews, audio release etc. , her dresses are DECENT!  We are not able to see such decent dressed people now-a-days. 
    All in all; Anushka is great! Both inside cinema industry and outside of it. That’s why many people admire her, since she is a good person in both places. Did you get your answer now, Vin? 

  9. Sudgaad

    Hey Vasin…

    What do you mean by  “Everything is Big” in your comments, when did you see his big or small… can you explain this to all Kollytalk viewers…

  10. anindyasundar chatterje

     I PROud 2 my self i am ur fan..u just not a great actres also wonderful personality of luck u andur family

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