Anjali Vinay Rai

Anjali says no to Dam 999 hero Vinay

Anjali Vinay Rai

Anjali has reportedly said ‘no’ to a new film offer opposite Vinay Rai. The actress, who has a mind of her own and doesn’t mind speaking her mind out on most issues, was offered the heroine opposite Vinay in an yet-to-be-titled venture. Sources close to the talented actress say that she has acted and made the above decision only after sensing the mood among the public in the State.

Vinay Rai would have hardly imagined when he took up the lead role in controversial film-maker Sohan Roy’s Dam 999 that he would face a literal ‘boycott’ from Tamil Nadu. Vinay debuted as hero in the film Unnalae Unnalae a few years back. He acted in a few films like Jayamkondan and Modhivilaiyadu but couldn’t make much of an impact despite his looks.

Vinay was paired opposite Vimala Raman in Dam 999, a film which has reportedly put forward the argument that unless the dam was demolished, lakhs and lakhs of people would die. The tacit reference to the raging issue of Mullai Periyar Dam in the film hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. It’s for precisely this reason that the film’s theatrical release was banned in the State.

According to trade reports, even in places where the film released, it didn’t fare well. Tamil audiences are obvious angry with both Vinay and Vimala for taking up lead roles in the film. It’s precisely in this backdrop that Anjali chose to say ‘no’ to pair up opposite Vinay in a new film. She didn’t want to antagonize the Tamils and invoke their wraths by pairing up opposite the ‘Dam’ hero.


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