Anjali demands One Lakh for Lip lock scene

Gowthaman, Anjali in Magizhchi

The “Angadi Theru” fame actress Anjali is ever so keen in choosing her scripts. Playing the female lead in the movie Magizhchi, Anjali brings out some sensational news this time around, Yes it is being reporting that the actress has a demand of  of Rs.One Lakh for acting in a Lip-Lock scene in the movie.

Actress Anjali has shown some remarkable progress in her career, by being  part of Director Ram‘s Kattradhu Tamizh ( earned her the Best Debut Actress Award in the Filmfare and the Vijay Awards) and then the  critically acclaimed Angadi Theru by Vasanthabalan. following which she  is engaged in multiple projects, viz : Thoonganagaram, Thambi Vettothi Sundaram, Karungali and Magizhchi. Of all these movies, the movie Magizhchi  has made the actress to produce a “never happened before” news in our industry.

Besides, being the Director of the movie, Gowthaman also plays Lead role of the movie.During the shoots as per the scrip the actress  was insisted to shoot for a  bath scene, which the actress initially refused, but later was convinced by the director, and he went to convince her  share screen  on a hot romantic scene too . During which he revealed about the Lip-Lock scene which could bring the originality on screen.  The actress denied to perform the act at first and in a course of time, She has accepted the deal compensating an amount of Rs. One Lakh.

An expensive kissing scene which got over in a single take, unlike many shot before.



  1. Anniyan

    Manamkettava….Thooooooooo…….Kiss ku one lakh, appo maththathukku, evvolo????? No much difference from a prostitute…….Idiot….

  2. poppy

    there u go vasin, how about supporting her for demanding money for lip lock scene with that gay looking guy…at least she didn’t marry him and then divorce him, eh?


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