Anil Kapoor’s daughter rejects Mani Ratnam’s offer

Sonam Kapoor rejects Mani Ratnam's offer
Well surprised…there are heroines in our film industry who has that gut to reject even ace director Mani Ratnam’s offer.

Mani Ratnam’s former assistant Shiva is planning for his directorial debut movie titled ‘Pakki’ which would have story and script supplied by Mani himself. Film ‘Pakki’ speaks about the real life history of one of Mani’s friend and undoubtedly project is very close to him.

When Vivek Oberoi was narrated the script, without any hesitation he signed for the deal. For finalization of heroine Mani Ratnam and Co. reached Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor. Here comes the shock or jolt whatever you call it. Sonam Kapoor flatly refused the project as she didn’t like the way her role was etched in the story. Without any kind of rethinking, Sonam  is known to have disposed the offer.

At the times when actresses are dreaming of an offer from Mani Ratnam what would have made Sonam Kapoor who is just two films (Saawariya, Delhi-6) old to say no is a big question.



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