Andrea criticizes photographer for taking snaps

Andrea Jeremiah

It’s not unusual for journalists to surround film personalities (read actresses) attending filmy functions and trying to get a word or two from them on their latest movies and things like that. Likewise, it’s not a strange either for photo journalists to take snaps of these actresses from all possible directions. On nine out of ten occasions, actresses generally don’t object to getting photographed by the photo journalists.

Some actresses, who need publicity to ‘boost’ their sagging market, tend to turn out in sexy, attractive costumes at these events which would further encourage the photographers to have a ‘go’ at them. Of late, though, some actresses in Kollywood appear to have the tendency to restrain the photographers from taking the snaps. Ironically, actresses from Tollywood and Bollywood are more than willing to pose for the lenses at any given time.

Anuskha and Andrea appear to be topping the list of actresses unwilling to be photographed at public events. If Anushka demands ‘extra money’ for getting photographed at filmy events, Andrea appears to have her own way: she criticizes the photographer and then gets him to erase her image from his camera so that it can’t be used in future for any purpose.

At a recent premier show of a Hollywood film in Chennai, Andrea was photographed by a cameraman belonging to a film-based web site. After seeing herself getting snapped by the cameraman, Andrea beckoned to him. When he came nearby, she reportedly snatched the camera from him and erased the snaps he took of her.

Actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi, who was seated next to Andrea, fired the photographer with his verbal volleys in support of the actress and asked the photographer whether was ‘okay’ or in an ‘inebriated’ state. The poor cameraman, who didn’t want to blow up the issue, quietly withdrew to a corner.



  1. who is this andrea?

    lol she only got famous for her scandals with selvaragavan and now thinks she’s some big time actress. when your in the acting industry you will be photograph…its part of the “job”, get used to it or get out…

  2. Aravind

    hmm everybody have their own freedom….wht she done is right………but she dont look good in the above pic… with talent….rare combination……

  3. Johny

    Andrea acting over the board to get more attention cause her market is down.
    The indian photographers are nothing like the papparazzi in Hollywood.
    As for Jeyam Ravi….no need to show off in front of chics, maybe be you can act better in the moview.

  4. socks

    enna kodumai ithu? 1st of all she souldnt have to come into film industery if she is so fuzzy about photography issues or she should try this COPY RIGHTS on herself that no one should photograph her without her permission

  5. karti

    Actually ANDREA tallented daan,but timiru pidichava.1thing i want to say.she critisized a or actress ah star aakurade media daan,avangala tookividavum mudiyum,down pannavum mudiyum,i saw that program in some web,andrea glamour ah dress podala.den eppadi avaru tappa photo edutu irukka mudiyum.and idu 2nd time she is doing dis silli thing,Sneha,Disha Pande,inum neraya per and program vandu irukanga avangala ellam onnum solla la Andrea mattum romba Over,taking photos is the work of photogarpher,avalavu PeRIA ACTER Surya ve photgrapher kita mannippu ketu irukaru,she is too much,

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