Ananyas husband is already married

Ananya’s husband was already married & divorced!!!

Ananya's husband was already married

Kollywood actress Ananya (original name Ayilya Nair) who tied the wedding knot recently has got it embarrassingly entangled. The engagement and wedding ceremony was a simple affair, as the actress took marriage vows with a Malayali business man named Anjaneyan.

Her husband Anjaneyan, has his business settled in Thrissur,Kerala is now accused of hiding his broken relationship with another girl. Ananya’s father who came to know about it real late sought police to get things cleared. When his son-in-law was strictly questioned about his past relationship with another woman hailing from Kozhikode, the shrewd business man gave in, confessing an unheard tale. Perumbavoor SI Honey K. Das., confirmed the news saying, “He did have a failed marriage with a girl from Kozhikode. They were married 4 years back, in 2008 and had later filed for divorce. The divorce petition is still to be cleared by the court.” The actress and her parents are heartbroken hearing the news. Ananya earned herself a real hit and many offers to follow, after her impressive performance in the flick ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ last year.. At the peak of her career and taking the sudden decision to get married, has only turned out to be a big miscalculation for the young actress.

Ananya, you truly deserve something better than this.



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