Ananya’s hand fractured, consults astrologer


Ananya was quite choosy about the guy she marries in Engeyum Eppodhum. However her story is a complete reversal when it comes to real life.  Deciding to marry industrialist Anjaneyan, she fell head over heels for him, getting engaged.(given the fact he wasn’t the imagined 6 pack athletic fellow.)

When Ananya’s parents came to know that Anjaneyan was a former divorcee they filed a case with the police and inquired into the matter.As suspicions proved right, things ended up with both mom and dad not wanting to take the relationship forward, having a troublesome daughter to deal with. Though Ananya insisted for long, wanting Anjaneyan to tie the nuptial knot, things never materialized any further. Giving up on her lovely dreams, she took solace in movies. But ill-fate has befriended her this time again. Ananya who was shooting in Mollywood for ‘Nadodi Mannan’, tripped over and injured her hand. Rushed to a nearby hospital, doctors examined her twisted hand and bandaged it carefully, asking her to be more careful. A broken marriage and a twisted hand, has really wrecked up the poor girl’s brain. Not ruling out the case of an evil curse, she decided to seek help from an astrologer. Ananya reportedly took part in the ‘Prasannam’ ritual, hoping to put the cards back in place. Her parents are consoling her saying things will be fine and it’s just a matter of time. Take care Ananya, we are praying for your speedy recovery.


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