Ananya Anjaneyan

Ananya was aware of beau Anjaneya’s marital status?

Ananya Anjaneyan

We had reported recently that the marriage of Tamil and Malayalam actress Ananya has run into rough weather following revelations that Anjaneyan, the industrialist with whom Ananya’s engagement took place on Feb 3rd, has turned out to be married already. Anjaneya has said that though he had married, he had filed papers for divorce from his first wife.

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The revelation has strongly affected Ananya’s parents who were making preparations for a grand marriage. They have now lodged a complaint with the Perumbavur police station seeking legal action against Anjaneyan who had ‘cheated’ them by saying nothing about his marital status. It now turns out that Ananya was already aware that Anjaneyan was already married and that she was still willing to marry him.

The parents are obviously against their daughter marrying a divorcee and settling down as his second wife. Ananya, who has starred in films like Nadodigal, Seedan and Engeyum Eppodhum, was widely believed as an actress with a lot of potential to become a very talented actress but surprised everyone by announcing her engagement last week.

The fact that she was reportedly ‘ready’ to get married to a divorcee has shocked her parents, relatives and friends. Anjaneyan was married in the year 2008 and says that he has no ‘connection’ with his first wife as the divorce proceeding is on the way. It is reported that though he informed about this to Ananya, she had held back this important piece of information from her parents and relatives before the engagement.

Though she’s willing to go ahead with the marriage, her parents and relatives are vehemently opposing the marriage. It is further reported that Ananya is literally kept as an ‘in-house prisoner’ by her parents.


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