Ananya refuses to act opposite Vijay


It would be the dream of every actress to share the screen space with top heroes but ‘Nadodigal’ Ananya seems to be different. The actress recently had an opportunity to pair up with Ilayathalapathy Vijay but she reportedly refused.

Ananya has the habit of listening to stories with a condition that she will not don glamour roles. But to pair up with Vijay, she has bluntly refused even without listening to the story.

What made Ananya reject an offer that every other actress would just lap up without a second thought? Enquiries revealed that Ananya is not keen on doing glamorous roles and knowing that it is a Vijay film she would be required to appear glamorous in at least the song sequences, she rejected it.

The actress said, “I won’t do glamorous roles even for a huge sum. But in Vijay films, I should appear in glamour costumes at least in songs which I don’t prefer to. After committing with a big hero, it wouldn’t be fair if I refuse to do glamour role at the shooting which would cause inconvenience to others. As always I would prefer quality over quantity.”.



  1. ash

    ivala poi vijay padathula yen nadika kekuringa???mokka piece…periya iva…oru mayithukum layiku kedayadhu…

  2. Aravind

    EWverybody have their own set of rule and they are following it….if she oes nt act in Vijay s flims vera heroine enna kedaikatha…she openly told her preference…thats her out spoken character..ethula enna thappu erruku….vidunga boss…..nalla act pannuna she will get her roles….priya mani eppadi than sonnaga but wht happend atlast…..hope Ananya would stick to her rules….

  3. Vasin

    Glamour, Sex, boasting …… They are good things Ananya. Our ancestors are fools; they said stupid things; think for yourself. By boasting I mean if a student getting just 80 in Maths in tenth say I would go to Harvard I would love him. 

  4. ash

    dei romba pesadhinga da….iva yelllam freeya koopta kooda naan poga maaten….iva oru aalunu ivaluku vakaalathu vaangitu irukinga….vetkama illa???

  5. முனியாண்டி

    இவள் என்ன கோவை சரளா கூட நடிக்கமாட்டாள் இந்த விஜய்யுடன் . அது சரி எந்த படத்துல பொன்னும் பொன்னும் romance பண்ணி இருகிறாங்க!

  6. owl

    aaama nambitom 😀

    antha alavu karpukarasi na mothala nadikave wanthu iruka kudathu. dont we all know what cine feild is 3 decades back, people wont respect females who get into cineworld.

  7. owl

    yeah nambitoom ellarum.

    Its not it, ivaluku glamour role set eh aavathu. evlo ego!! atha open sollama scene podara. 

    Korangu sollicham “naan pean (lice) pudikamaten pudichalum atha saapida maaten, soriya maten nu”

  8. bebo

    her acting in nadodigal was cute n bubbly and was very gud acting wen dey depart  or aftr luv break up.. lets c.. if der is gud movies and perference for acting only she can act.. otherwise der r other gals like tamana who is ready to act in all movies comfortable in just two piece…  and the list goes like shriya, kajal,..hmm anushka (except arundathi n singam rest all her movies is same, so many der who will act only in commercial movies just for songs,1 or 2 love scences  with hero,wearing case of anaya, all i like to say is gud luck anaya.. moveovr exposing n glam doll role doesnt suit u n dance i dnt think u r gud in that.. but ur acting is fab.. so expressive.. hopefully u get gud roles.. 

  9. owl

    sometime back i heared theres a new movie getting released “sedan” i thought ok let watch, because iw as so so so so bored. but before that i checked whos acting…. Danush (ah ok ) then whos the heroien, i saw this attu’s face and i decided not to watch the film at all. 

    ivamunji girls ke pudikalayee how could she get a  male fan then?? may be she got some fans in kerela, all malayalee uncles are her die hard fans.

  10. vnd

    konjam naal munnadi evalum madhavanum oru padathula nadikka poranu oru interview la sonna… athukku yaar antha ananya nu madhavane kettaraamaam… ethu publicity kkaka eva kodukkura news …. ethukkellaam poyi varutha pada mudiyuma….

  11. ;) lalalalala

    I think people shouldn’t hate on her, because its her bloody choice and yeah vijay is a very good actor and people would love to act with him but not everyone in the entire world wants to act with him no offence, so give the girl a break foools! and i like that she is saying she doesn’t want to dress like that at least she wants to get famous with her acting rather than getting famous with showing her body in songs and shit unlike nayanthra who got really famous in billa beacuse of  the whole fucking bikini thing going on… GHEEZ some people need lives!

  12. Sam

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  13. VR

    Whoever may be..But if the news is true..really it’s sad to hear some one is no more..

    Though he had passed many bad comments about Tamils…no one would feel happy on his demise..

  14. owl

    how coiuld she say no straight away without even listening what role she has got. so ivala karpanai pannikita tat she will have to wear glam costume 😀  ippidi kuda irukalaam illa double role for vijay where daddy vijay will be 65 yrs old and she pairing him on a sungudi sela

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