An untold story on Rajinis health

Rajini latest health news

Even as superstar Rajinikanth’s wife Latha and son-in-law Dhanush have been repeatedly asserting that the star would be returning from Singapore to Chennai in a couple of weeks’ time, some ‘untold’ truths have emerge about how serious Rajini was prior to getting admitted in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital in the last week of May.

Rajini was reportedly having great difficulties in breathing when admitted to SRMC, Porur, Chennai and his eyes too had started looking ‘very strange’ besides swelling in hands and legs. He also had his fever increasing by the day. He was administered artificial respiration. The doctors then removed 900 ml of water from his lungs which too didn’t have the desired improvement.

Rajini was shifted to ordinary ward, which actually was ‘converted’ into a literal ICU ward so as to pacify his legion of fans who appeared to be going out of control, it is said. Even after 1,200 ml of water was pumped out of his lungs, the breathing didn’t return to normal ways. The condition of the star started deteriorating with kidneys not functioning properly and blood also getting infected.

He was the given the ‘dialysis’ treatment as many as six times which showed slight improvement in his health. Only afterwards, he was able to get up and seat himself in the wheel-chair. He was then sent to Singapore to completely cure the kidney-related ailments. Rajini is now said to have regained 90% of his old health but still he needs rest and is under medication and regular medical check-up. He is now able to eat all kinds of food varieties, it is said.

The sources add that it is a ‘medical miracle’ that Rajini was able to come out of such a serious ailment almost unscathed and attribute Rajini’s recovery to his spiritual strength and the prayers of his millions of fans worldwide!



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