Amisha Patel slaps her elderly driver

Amisha Patel slaps her elderly driver

On Saturday evening Amisha Patel the bollywood actress who has paired opposite Vijay in Puthiya Geethai was seen in a heated exchange of words with her driver in his early 50s outside her Juhu gym. On lookers reveal that the argument took a ghastly turn as Amisha Slapped her elderly driver.

A passerby who witnessed the ugly incident says, “Ameesha’s new car was parked outside the gym. When she emerged after her workout, she saw a tiny scratch on the side of her car, and flipped out.

She started hurling abuses at the driver and kept asking him for an explanation. When he couldn’t come up with an answer, she slapped him hard across his cheek.”

A source close to the actress adds “The Driver has been with her for a long time Since the time she started acting Kaho Na Pyaar Hai(2000), and has faced abuse from Amisha a number of times and has got used to her temperamental behavior. He was abused even recently when  She had a narrow escape in March when a jeep rammed into her car on the Mumbai Pune Expressway.”

Does it mean you can raise your  hands on your drivers, or is the frusturation of the 34 year old actress leading  single life women exposed.



  1. Anonymous

    how can she behave in this way…vry bad..dont consider this kind of people as human….dirty creature..poor driver

  2. s

    since they r rich they think they can do things with the poor?? she should be hanged for this, bloody ameesha everybody should spit on her face

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