Ameer Priyamani

Ameer happy for not signing Priyamani for Aadhi Baghavan

Ameer Priyamani

Director-Ameer is said to be a ‘relieved man’ though he has a lot of problems to contend with in the form of the wages issue by FEFSI, the internal squabbles within the Directors’ Association due to Cheran’s viewpoints and the pressure to wrap up the shooting of his upcoming film Aadhi Baghavan. The reason for Aamir heaving a sigh of relief is none other than actress Priyamani. Read on to know more.

It turns out that Ameer had cast Priyamani, the heroine who had earlier won the national award for ‘best actress’ in his earlier film Paruthiveeran, opposite ‘Jeyam’ Ravi in the film Aadhibagwan. At the very last moment, though, Ameer decided to cast the sizzling Neetu Chandra in the film, thanks to the camaraderie struck between them when they danced together for the ‘item number’ Kattumarakkannaa…. in Mysskin’s Yudhdham Sei.

The reason for Ameer’s feeling of elation stems from the fact that of late, the national award-winning actress, has been known more as a ‘sexy’ actress who would go beyond any level to honour her commitment for the particular film which has her in the lead. Priyamani, who has almost been forgotten by Kollywood, has been busy with her Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam projects in which she doesn’t seem to ‘expose’ as per the needs of the film and the directors concerned.

The actress did a couple of Malayalam films and a Kannada film last year in some ‘steamy roles’ as she was reportedly under the impression that those were films of the ‘arty’ kind. However, the producers and distributors had cleverly made them look like soft-porn films. One of those films has now released in Chennai with the title of Maharani which has Priyamani flaunting her assets ‘liberally’ in the posters.

It was in this context that Ameer felt relieved that he didn’t sign up Priyamani for Aadhi Baghavan as he didn’t want a ‘sexy’ image for his heroine. In the meantime, Neetu Chandra, who has played the heroine in the film, hasn’t agreed to do any other film (contractual obligation?) as she is said to be awaiting the release and outcome of the film.


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