Ambika in demand after her role in Avan Ivan

Ambika in Avan Ivan

Yesteryear’s heroine Ambika surprised herself and many of her fans by playing a never-before role in director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’. Those who have seen Ambika romancing the likes of Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Bhagyaraj, Vijaykanth and Sathyaraj (she even starred opposite the late Sivaji Ganesan in ‘Vaazkkai’) in the eighties found it very hard to digest that it was the same Ambika they came across in ‘Avan Ivan’!

Ambika, who played Vishal’s mother in the film, was seen ‘smoking’ a cigar nonchalantly while replying to others. Though Vishal and Aarya have been getting lot of accolades for their roles in the film, Ambika hasn’t lagged behind either. Her care-free acting, forgetting the fact the she has played the heroine in many movies, has touched a chord or so with the audience.

As a result, Ambika has been flooded with film offers. Ambika’s loyal fans were definitely in for a shock at watching their once-favourite heroine smoking casually in a slum-like set-up in the film. Though Ambika played glamourous heroine’s roles in many films in the early and mid-eighties, she had proved time and again that she can take on roles with substance.

This portrayal in ‘Avan Ivan’, though, was surely a cut above the rest as the audience got to watch her in a meaningful role after a long time. Many directors are said to be queueing outside the actress’ house to sign her up in their future projects. Even Ambika is said to be pleasantly surprised by the demand among the film-makers to cast her.


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