Amala Paul dating Vijay?

Amala Paul dating Vijay

The hottest rumour doing rounds in Kollywood at present is the reported love affair between actress Amala Paul and director ‘Madrasapattinam’ AL Vijay. Amala Paul played a young correspondent of a School in Vijay’s latest directorial venture titled ‘Deiva Thirumagal’.

Amala was Anakha when she starred in director Sami’s controversial film Sindhu Samaveli which had her character having an illicit affair with her own father-in-law. After the film expectedly received a lot of flak, she underwent a change in name and went to back to her original name Amala Paul.

The name changed worked wonders for her as Mynaa announced with a bang her arrival on the Kollywood scene. She is looked up as one of the most promising newcomers in the industry. Deiva Thirumagal, directed by Vijay, had a significant role for her which only increased her reputation as an actress who can take on any kind of roles and do full justice to them.

Rumours say that the bonding between Amala and Vijay, which started during the making of Deiva Thirumagal, appears to have grown in to a full-fledged affair. Amala, who is presently starring in Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal opposite Atharva, is said to be getting home-made food from Vijay’s residence on a daily basis. The actress also recently attended the Sashtiabdha Poorthi function of Vijay’s father and producer AL Alagappan and was seen being very affectionate with Vijay and his family members, showing the close bonding between them.

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It’s also said that when Vijay wanted to test-drive a brand new BMW car, he made Amala sit next to him on the front side and then test-drove it, unmindful of the probing eyes of the Unit members.

After all, doesn’t love make the lovers blind to many things?



  1. Smile

    Haiyo….eppadi ellam panna Love-nu arthama?? In which era as these people still living?Nalla friendshipa kooda erukalame.Yean oru aanum ponnum close-a pazhaguna love nu eduthukuranga.Have either one of them disclosed this matter??Eppadiye usupethi usupethi ranagalamakidunga….

  2. gderer

    hope this is not true since Vijay is already married and has a kid…. cannot accept this kind of illicit relationships

  3. reena

    As I had commented already in another blog, actress oflate seem to adore getting in relatonship with married guys. Enna pozhapo idhu. Che… mathavanga kudiya kedukuradhula enna kedaikudho ivalunguluku…what a shame

  4. Smile

    Oh…I didn’t know Vijay was married.Perhaps it’s his kid that Amala is holding.If Vijay is married…then this is wrong.But it’s pointless to discuss this issue.We don’t even know whether it is true.Probably they cooked up one because they didn’t have any other news….

  5. Ram

    She is affectionate with his family, for that you’ll say they are having affaira? cheap minded fellows. Pesaradhuku munnadi konjamavadhu yosikka mateengala. Indha polappu polaikaradhuku poi….

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