Amala Paul angry

Amala Paul apologizes to the media in a disinterested manner

Amala Paul angry

Thanks to her latest film Vettai doing reasonably well at the box-office, actress Amala Paul’s starry tantrums have reached a crescendo. The film stars Madhavan, Sameera Reddy, Aarya and Amala Paul in lead roles and has come to be liked by the audiences. Though the credit goes to Lingusamy’s deft handling of the script and performances worthy of appreciation from Madhavana and Aarya, Amala appears to think otherwise.

She has found herself in controversy more than once in the recent past. She skipped the audio launch of the Tamil version of Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi under the pretext of writing an exam (wonder who conducts exams in January) but found time to attend the audio-launch of the same film’s Telugu version last week.

During the meet-the-press event held a fortnight back in connection with the release of her upcoming film Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal (MUK) opposite Atharva, Amala Paul was adamant that she would be speaking only to a few television channels and neglected all other media personnel assembled there. She has now come up with an ‘apology’ which doesn’t seem to have come straight from her heart.

Speaking to pressmen at a press-meet, she said that she came to know only recently that her acts had ‘antagonized’ the press-persons and photo-journalists. In a rather casual tone which sounded least apologetic, Amala said, “From time to time, such controversies arise and one has to take it in his/her stride,” and said she would like to apologize. Queried about her unwillingness to talk to the media, she said she didn’t want to reply.

As if to justify her neglect of the media, she added as an after-thought “I was to take a flight and didn’t have time to talk to the media on that day….it’s common among film folks, you know….I don’t differentiate between this channel and that channel….media is the same….I have apologized….it’s upto you (the media) to accept it or reject…”


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