Ajith wont be refered ‘Thala’ in the next film:Gautham Menon

gautham menon

Confused? Well before you start pulling out your hair, here is the explanation!

 Ace director Gautham Menon has reportedly told Ajith that the word ‘Thala’ will not be used anywhere in their next film (Remember Aasal?).

There are rumours that Ajith plans to shed 20 kg for this role. He is also preparing to participate in the Formula 2 race beginning in April 2010 in Europe (which will continue till October).

There are reports that the trend-setting director is currently busy finalizing locations across London for the film. So it looks like Ajith’s landmark film is getting bigger than ever!



  1. Anonymous

    Gautham…u have made a wonderful film VTV,which i loved very much..hats of to you man…such a nice film it is…i love to wait for your next film…..u r such a good film creator..


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