Ajith upset about Sona episode?

Ajith upset about sona episode

Sources close to Ajith say that the actor is extremely upset at reading the media reports about the ‘Sona episode’ which has been making headlines in the local press for the past week or so. Sexy Sona lodged a complaint with Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar police over the weekend alleging that actor-producer SPB Charan outraged her modesty at the party in front of many on-lookers.

After the no-show of his last couple of films in Aegan and Asal, Ajith has bounced back and silenced his critics by delivering a super-duper hit in his latest film Mankatha, which is also his landmark 50th film in a career spanning close to two decades. For the first time, Ajith has played a full-length character with negative shades and doesn’t appear to be camouflaging his ‘negative’ role.

Venkat Prabhu, who directed Mankatha, and his younger brother Premgi Amaren, actor Vaibhav and many others were present at the above-said party and are said to be eye-witnesses to whatever happened there. Ajith is not amused that the party to mark the success of the film has now become the centre of a fresh unwarranted controversy.

Ajith, who attended the party, was there for hardly a few minutes. He wished everyone and had disappeared soon after the party began. As such, he neither had any hint about what was going to happen nor was he able to control it. It was after Ajith’s exit that the cocktail party began which resulted in some ‘unsavoury’ incidents.

The actor reportedly called Venkat Prabhu and Charan over to his place to express his reservations about whatever happened at the party and advised them to ensure that nothing of that sort occurred in future!



  1. Smile

    Yes….If Ajith was there,this wouldn’t have happened.Venkat Prabhu and gang “Thala” munnadi vaal aatirukamatanunga….
    Here it claims that they were all witness to what happened.Avangalla yaravadhu vandhu unmaiya sollalame….

  2. reena

    Witness aa irundhavanga yaravadhu oruthar sonna daane .. The more they keep quiet this issue stinks more. I feel bad for spb.

  3. surya fan

    Yes apcourse is ajith was this incident was not happend thala pudiki ajith has fucked her how he fucked my wife Joe

  4. Tamil Movie Rasigan!

    You are a Surya fan and not Surya, right!! How do guys like get internet access and know how to post in a public forum like this!! OMG, dont know when will you grow up and learn to be a civilized indian!! I am sure you would buonce back your comment with even worse bitter words, which will confirm that you will just be like this, when the entire world is changing!

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