Ajith Latest Photo 2012

Ajith to float a new ‘movement’ for the people?

Ajith Latest Photo 2012

Despite actor Ajith’s unexpected act of disbanding and dissolving the thousands of fans’ clubs operating in his name just a few weeks prior to the release of Mankatha last year, the film witnessed a tremendous ‘opening’ (ticket sales of the first few days). The film, which was also Ajith’s landmark 50th film, went on to become the most successful film in his career.

Reports now say that Ajith is likely to float a non-filmy and non-political movement for the welfare of the people and his fans. Ajith’s act of disbanding the fan clubs was seen as his response to the reported ‘cry’ from the clubs urging him in all possible ways to indulge in active politics, something which the star didn’t want to do. In order to resist the pressure, the star went ahead and dissolved the clubs.

Unofficially, though, Ajith’s fans are still keeping the fan clubs intact. They have been indulging in various kinds of welfare activities for the benefit of the people in the neighbourhood.

In order to meet the needs and aspirations of the various people approaching him for assistance in many spheres, Ajith is said to have decided to form a ‘body’ in the form of a Trust so as to streamline those coming for help and to make it a proper organization. It is expected that Ajith would make a formal announcement about this after the release of Billa-2.


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