Ajith fans to Protest infront of the stars house


There has been news about the ‘rift’ between ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajith and his fans. The star, who is said to have around 46,000 fan clubs, encountered a bizarre situation recently. His press release threatening to disband his fans’ association if the fans continue with their demand that he must enter into politics has created a lot of discontentment.

Following this, the star’s fans announced a plan to protest in front of the star’s house pressing some demands including a demand that they must be given an opportunity to meet Ajith at least once a year. They are citing the reason that they do not get to meet their idol despite having made a request a number of times that he should meet them at least once in a year.

But the star has made it clear that he has cinema, family and car racing to concentrate on and his close associate Suresh Chandra will meet and handle the fans’ association.

Reportedly the background of this development is Ajith’s recent efforts to take stock of his fan clubs and record them in a proper manner. His PRO has been asked to record all the names of these fan clubs, the members in each of those clubs, whether they are registered ones and whether they were actually functioning or not. Ajith has instructed that all the data should be computerized for any future references.

Sources say that this move has apparently given ‘jitters’ to the ‘other’ side which is quite apprehensive of the star’s moves. Some ‘quarters’ have also initiated certain endeavors to spoil Ajith’s recording of the strength of his fan clubs. They have succeeded to some extent in their efforts to create confusion among the ranks, it seems.

Ajit’s fans, who are hardly aware of all these happenings, decided to ‘gherao’ the star. However the actor is yet to respond to this demand.



  1. Arun

    thale photo parthathume vasin koment istart panirupane thevdiya paya shoora oru ponnu kundila naku potutu irkan pee thingaran

  2. Raju

    fans please don’t make any trouble for thala,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  don’t do this sorts of nonsense for damage his name,,,,,,,,,,

  3. vasu

    if you are a fan enjoy his acting and leave his private life alone it is not your right to force him into stupid politics which the other fools are already in it so true fans don’t bother him

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