Once again Ajith in police getup

Ajith considering reviving his fans’ clubs?

Once again Ajith in police getup

Sources close to actor Ajith say that the actor, referred to as ‘Thala’ fondly and proudly by his legion of fans, is seriously toying with the idea of reviving his thousands of fans’ clubs which he had asked to be shut down a few years back.

Most actors keep their fans’ clubs active and alive with a personal motive so that the fans could be ‘encouraged’ to celebrate their films’ release in theatres by erecting huge cut-outs and digital banners. Ajith, who has always stayed off the beaten track, disbanded his fans’ clubs prior to the release of Venkat Prabhu’s Mankatha but it hardly had an effect on the film’s showing at the box-office as it turned out into a super-duper hit.

Despite the disbanding of fans’ clubs by Ajith, his loyal fans have been spending their own money erecting cut-outs, digital banners, etc. at the time of the release of his films which has obviously embarrassed Ajith. Last heard, the ‘ultimate star’ is said to be seriously thinking of reviving his fans’ clubs. He is likely to put many pre-conditions to the re-launch of his fans’ clubs.

The conditions might vary from remaining apolitical and showing keen interest in indulging in socially relevant activities.


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