Ajith and Vijay to act together?


Remember Amudhan, the director of the spoof film Tamil Padam starring Mirchi Siva? Well, the man is back with another film on Kollywood and its supposedly with a different storyline, featuring none other than stars Ajith and Vijay.

But hold on, its not that the two stars are going to act in the film! Apparently, the film will star look alikes of the two stars and not the stars themselves. Amudhan is almost done with the script and the official announcement will be made soon. But some sources add, that the film is not going to be a spoof but will be something else altogether.

So we just have to wait for the suspense to be broken soon!



  1. vijidolly

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic…………….
    super! cant wait pls make it the film fast that both vijay & ajit act together, sure super hits….. ya hoooo!
    Hope fully Friend Ship base also as a request …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. felix

    This is the true colour of stupid Vijay fans! read the article u idiot!

    ungalukkalam enga 7am arivu purunchiruka pogudhu?

  3. Smile

    i don’t believe this piece of news….what happened to the ramayanam film in which vikram was to play ram and surya lakshman?

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