Ajith a gangster in Mankatha

Ajith the gangster
Ajith the gangster

Ajith’s Mankatha has had its share of surprises. Fans and journalists have been on close heels following Director Venkat Prabhu’s moves, trying to get a sneak peek into what the movie is really all about.

Many were concerned that the flick will turn out to be another ‘Billa’ when the director had earlier announced that ‘Mankatha is a war’, but they were reassured when Venkat slashed all rumors. But one of our close resources has told us that this one will be a definitive gangster flick.

The shooting for the flick with Ajith and Trisha in the lead is in full gears as the film is expected to release on May 1.

The movie being a gangster flick will surely come as good news to many Ajith fans craving for some real action.



  1. masked man

    thambi avan flop kodutha unaku enga erithu soothua mooditu oodu ela darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr agum 

  2. sandy

    tharudhala  naadhari ,  adhe  karupu kotu  adhe  kannadi , adje thuppaki,  ayyo  indha  kosu tholle tanga mudiyalaa da  naarayanaa.,.  movie   big flop like  asal..

  3. Vasin

    I admire Ajith. Padamna Ji’la Ajith jail’ku pora varaikum iruntha mathri irkanum. Real Hero. Flop aanalum paravale.

  4. sandy

    his  last hit movie billa,.,  adhuku munnadi yella  flop dhane  da  naadharinglaaa,  adhuku pinnadiyum  flops dhan  poyi tholaingaaa

  5. sandy

    Hi Boys ,

    Am sorry for using those words againist Thala , alway thala thala dhan , am realy sorry about that . And I realy hate that guy whom i was fan

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