Ajith’s Mankatha inspired by Hollywood’s George Clooney?

Mankatha Ajith George Clooney
The film’s shooting has finally been wrapped up. The post-production work including the dubbing and re-recording are said to be proceeding at a brisk pace. If all goes well, actor Ajith’s upcoming landmark 50th film ‘Mankatha’ might be hitting the screens towards end-July or early August.

Speaking to newsmen, Venkat Prabhu said that Ajith plays two ‘different’ roles in the film which are bound to be very enjoyable to his fans. One of the roles, which has shades of gray, is the stand-out character and would be loved by all, he said and added that it’s a ‘neither villain-nor hero’ kind of a role that we have created for Ajith.

“While we were discussing about what kind of look Ajith would sport for this particular character, we got inspired by Hollywood great George Clooney’s stylish looks and decided to mould Ajith’s look in the film on similar lines. In fact, Ajith’s hair-style in the film for this role won’t be too dissimilar to Clooney’s,” said Venkat Prabhu.

Dismissing rumours that ‘Mankatha’ is an on-screen adaptation of a film made in the West, Prabhu said the film is neither based on any films released earlier nor is a remake. “Each character and script in a film is surely the impact of something that we have heard or seen or come across. It’s the presentation which matters a lot. Ajith’s fans would love his opening fight sequence in the film,” hinted  Venkat Prabhu and added that the date for the audio-launch of the film, scheduled for July, hasn’t yet been decided.


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