Aishwaryas baby bet now for Children’s Day

The D-day is arriving soon with all bets being placed on November 11th, but with not much news from the Bachchan corner stakeholders are caught up in two minds. Many are suggesting that it will be Children’s day (November 14th) when Ash delivers the much expected phenom Bollywood kid.

The day 11/11 /11 is considered to be an auspicious one as it arrives just once in a century. Doctors have already said that the baby could be expected any day in the first two weeks of November. It is also believed that the beautiful looking Ash-Abhishek jodi will be blessed with a pair of twins. But as of now things have been kept under the cover by the A-listed Bollywood family. Rumor mills suggest that Ash and her family members have chosen the Seven Hills Hospital at Marol, which happens to be the only 7 star hospital in Mumbai city for the much awaited November day.

So what’s your pick folks November 11th or November 14th ?



  1. Smile

    It’s the almighty who has to pick not us.He has already decided the date and man can’t change it.What matters is both mother and babies should keep well….we can wish for that!

  2. Nayanthara lover

    yes very true…like they say “who are we to play GOD”…i found this beatiful quote today wanted to share it …it goes like…”Dont forget to pray before you sleep because God dint forget to wake you up this morning”….it a really inspiring thought …. to sleep with…

  3. Echo

    “The day 11/11 /11 is considered to be an auspicious one as it arrives just once in a century.”
    -Actually everyday arrives just once 

  4. Smile

    @kusuvijay…..erm,sorry to say but ur ID is kind of funny.I am not able to control my laughter each time i see it….any particular reason to have such an ID?Are you a vijay fan or hater?

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