Aishwarya Rai pregnant rumour

The enchanting Aishwarya Rai
The enchanting Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai (Ash) has been in and out of news quite a few times. The starlet has now made headlines as many speculate that the lady is pregnant and surprisingly the news has been surfaced in Dubai this time and not in India.

It happened so that Ash was scheduled to answer some interviews by some Indian journalists in the Middle East. But at the eleventh hour Ash declined to attend any interviews as the actress was not at all feeling well .Sources confirmed that the lady had some headaches to complain , while hubby Abhishek looked very concerned.

Let’s hope the couple will come out with the announcement very soon.



  1. k

    Don’t you guys have anyother work… Why are you interfering with someothers life, to become pregnant or not is their decision…….

  2. loose Vasin

    Otha even ur mum looked like one fat pig wen u ur in her womb.. have respect for women else u wil suffer in life..unnaum pethangalla pidingi podaliye.. thu naaye Vasin better behave urself…

  3. unmai

    hey vasin romba overah pora stopit… aishu Pregnant erutha enna, illana enna… dont interfer in personal life

  4. loose Vasin

    goiyala.. Vasin.. theyva illalama neriya per vaithu yeruchala vangadha.. azunjuduva. soru daney da thingara.. dubaila kakuskazuvi peeya thingalaye ?

  5. paithiyam vasin

    dei pannadai vasin.. mooditu kida.. unna ellam comment adikalanu yaar ketta. unaku nalla save kidayadu da.. saniyane.. echa kalla poriki.. naaye.. poramboku..  inda paithiyam vasin thitta evanavadu puthu puthu vaarthaiya sollungada.. pls..

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