AIADMK alliance chooses Seeman to contest opposite CM Karunanidhi

Seeman - Karunanidhi
Seeman - Karunanidhi

Actor-director Seeman would be fielded by the AIADMK combine to contest against CM Karunanidhi in the ensuing Assembly elections in the State, it was finalized and announced today. Ever since he was jailed for his remarks criticizing the Lankan government’s actions against Sri Lankan Tamils, Seeman is at loggerheads with the style of functioning of the chief minister.

Pitting Seeman against Kalaignar is seen as a clever ploy on the part of the AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha, who wants to leave no stone unturned in her effort to dethrone Kalaignar and wrest back the power in the State. Seeman is quite popular in filmy circles as well as among those whose hearts bleed for the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

Sensing the strong anti-incumbency factor in the face of the stance taken by the local government vis-à-vis the ethnic strife in the war-torn Island Nation, the AIADMK and its allies are moving in for the ‘kill’ in their effort to unsettle the Octogenarian chief minister from his saddle.

Vaiko, an erstwhile confidante of Kalaignar and now an ally of AIADMK, is said to be the one who coaxed Seeman to agree to contest against Kalaingar as the ‘common opposing candidate’. Seeman would be contesting under his ‘Naam Thamizhar’ outfit but would enjoy the support of almost all opposition parties including the Communists.

It may be noted that noted Dravidian leader Pazha Nedumaran, actor Nasser and director-actor Manivannan too are in favour of Seeman’s decision to contest against Kalaignar.

Seeman’s foray into the election has undoubtedly created a buzz in Kollywood, considered pro-Kalaignar.



  1. Tamizhan

    Karunanithi has beaten Jayalaitha corruption records by 1000 times more… Might be vijaykanth shd try to beat Karunanithis record

  2. Gopi

    Illayathalapthy Vijay Vs Karunanidhi,  then Vijay will win.

    if it is seeman, Karunanidhi, will buy peoples vote by paying money/giving rice free

  3. prata

    indian politics is a drainage. noone is 100% good there, which is what we need good people to serve the people especially the poor and those who need help. everybody just wants to win over the other and rise to position. and do some here and there for the people. but no one has taken any drastic measure implemented them made sure they are carried out effectively for the well being of the people is tamil nadu.

  4. Vasin

    Aah stupid decision! Seeman was fearless when talking the Sri Lankan issue and has not changed his stance; great. However what has he done for Thamil Naadu for us to take him seriously? Why is he hurrying? It looks like opportunistic behaviour. He has not established his vision for Thamilar as yet in terms of style(culture), sexual eaquality, Thamil Naadu’s position amongst Indian states and so on. And Jayalal is not a pure Thamil. He is going to spoil his well earned respect. Get back to ground preparations and spend at least another 2 years establishing a vision for Thamil Naadu by talking to women’s rights campaigners, scholars, students, farmers and so on. Remember; our brothers lost the war in Sri Lanka because we are not wealthy and strong here; address to it first.

  5. citizen of Tamilnadu

    politics is the power of brain

    those who have high brain power ( high reasoning sensitivity ) can achieve 

    congrats to all the politician in our state ( Tamilnadu)  bcoz your final year exam going to start in March 2011

    wish u all the best 

    citizen of Tamilnadu 

  6. S.Ramanathan

    Karuna will come  up with a new promo “free car for each family if he is elected as CM” and people will fall for this and will vote for him again.

  7. sri

    seeman is having a steady growth but guess its not good enough to compete now. man you shd see his movie Vazthukal, this guy is capable of screwing things 🙂

  8. thangai

    thats very well said! Seeman has not done anything to take him seriously as member of legslatve!  Aidmk and DMK are worst… may be an uncorrupted, people oriented person should contest for the election. Remember, chaina just beat US economically and Chaina has advanced war weapons. What to happen if Chaina decides to take over India? They have half of sikkim and a part of J&K to themselves.  Seriously, these corrupt leaders scare me the most! “coz of the corrupt leaders here, Eelam had to face autrocities!  God save India! 

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