Simbu family photo

After Ilakkiya, it’s Simbu’s marriage : T Rajendar

Simbu family photo

Simbu who is looking forward to his Love panlama single release says he is  tired of his singleton life! His love life has been a topic of burning debate among the ladies, soon after the actor went public with his marriage announcement, in 2013.

Though he did have a fling with Nayanthara, Simbu has maintained that he was involved in a relationship but it took him time to realize that things were just one sided. To beat the relationship hangover, he also made a trip to US and recorded his Love Anthem proclaiming all he needed was Love, Prem and Kaadhal. Recently when he got together for a family dinner with his parents, the lover boy sounded a bit anxious saying, “Family dinner after a very long time 🙂 hope my mom doesn’t bring up the marriage conversation.” His parents were back from their Kalahasthi  temple visit, where dad TR had taken out time to answer a volley of questions from the media.

When asked about Simbu’s marriage he said, “We hope to marry Ilakkiya (Simbu’s sister)  off this year. Simbu’s marriage will be right after that.” Simbu on the other hand seems confused on being asked by his parents, “Just bring her home and tell us this is the girl I love and we will get you married to her !!!”.He says, “This is what my parents said,  feel blessed !!! But where is the girl ? God only knows .Hope she comes soon 🙂 getting really bored of this Singleton life !!!” All you ladies out there are welcome to cheer up our Silambarasan – Kollywood’s favorite bachelor boy. Do drop in your comments below.



    1. soni

      try to understand our actor and actresses. even no one is 100% perfect… so dont blame anyone… they also human beings…they also have feelings.. dont hurt anyone…

  1. simbu's lover

    Movie is career life for him… And He is searching for soulmate for his real life not heroine for his upcoming movie.. There is a different between this two… So don’t judge the actor by their movies.. If i paid to do admin job, I cant do manager job even though i like… So it’s simple.. Acting people also doing what they paid for.. If i knew that someone loves me for who i am in real life, i will never regret for marry him… Hope Simbu will do the same..

  2. Nayanthara lover

    Yeah and part of his career is smooching Nayanthara all in and out. It dint have to be. Even Vadivelu doesnt fall to such cheap levels like Simbu.And bullshit look at your username from your comment I know your a working guy in a boring office. And what is Simbu lover all abt.Are you gay or sumthing?

    1. simbu's lover

      @ Nayantara’s Lover… Be a bit professional(woman if you are one) when you are commenting in websites.. Even under age people is reading this kinda of websites.. You are totally spoiled that’s much shown in your comments.. How you know about GAY’s behaviors? Are you related to this kinda relationships? I am woman and i wanted to say something good is my rights… If you wants to comment then do such but don’t override other’s and bring your childhood vulgarity here… For an eyeopener… Is that only simbu is smooching in the movies? Or Nayantara never did is it? Even now i don’t want to talk bad about them as that is part of their career.. I salute for their dedication not only for money but to entertain people.. It’s two way happiness they are gaining.. Think rational…

  3. sangeetha

    @Nayanthara lover – What do you know about vadivelu? Do you know he paid money to get shreya to his room that too after he made one song with her and she accepted it too. Be sure of what you are commenting before you say something.

    1. Nayanthara lover

      @sangeetha I don’t know half of what youre saying is true. Shriya saran accepted money to sleep with Vadivelu? chances are nil.

  4. lavada

    @sangeetha……how much is the rate today maaa… broker pls solludi…..adhu sari unnaku evvalavu…….
    sangu oodura vayasula…..peru sangeeeethaa….

    1. life

      eteke tevai ilama sandai……………….ungaleke enna kedaike pothe………………..yareke support pana kudeh…..poi avanga avanga velaiya parenga pa…vatingela…news padichigela…ponema irekenum

  5. nayanthara's fan

    woiiiiiiiiiiiii simbhu if you dare, come fight with me one to one.
    I still keep a grudge at heart because you have cheated my sister (nayanthara) ………. : @

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