Actress Nisha Yadhav complaints of sexual advances by producer

Nisha Yadhav

Little known actress Nisha Yadav has complained to the police that she is being harassed ‘sexually’ by film producer Ramanathan. The 22-year old starlet has appeared in a few Hindi movies, doing sexy and minor roles. She is a prominent star in Bhojpuri language films besides featuring in many television serials on air.

Nisha’s complaint against a Tamil film producer has raised eyebrows in many quarters. A resident of Mumbai, Nisha has said in her complaint with the police that Chennai-based Ramanathan met her in June this year and introduced himself as a ‘leading producer of films’ in Tamil.

Nisha had further said that Ramanathan offered a role in one of his upcoming films and became friendly with her on that pretext. It appears that Ramanathan reportedly used the ‘film offer’ as a tool to meet and talk to her quite often and told her that she should submit herself to his ‘sexual urge’ if she wanted to be featured in the lead role in the film to be produced by him.

“I refused to do so and said I was not interested in his film offer too. He won’t have it and continued to harass me. He kept on calling me over phone and asked me to move to Chennai to stay with him for some time. He made repeated calls and spoke in an obscene manner and threatened me with dire consequences if I didn’t submit to his whims and fancies,” said Nisha and prayed for her protection.


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  1. Smile

    This is the price the pay for their greed.Some cheap directors use this “you sleep with me and i make you act” tagline to lure girls.These ladies out of desperation for fame and money,abide to them.But i don’t know how true this news is.It could also be for cheap publicity.But why do chicks use their modesty to grab attention?? *DONT_KNOW* .Indha moonjiya paaka aanum illai ponnum illai;renduthukum naduvule erukku.Edheiyallam poi seenduruveanoda taste rombha mattamanadhu!

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