Actress Nila booked for murder case

Meera Chopra

Remember actress Nila, who debuted as heroine in director-turned-actor S.J. Suriyah’s ‘Anbae Aaruyirae’ a few years back? She went on to act in films opposite before moving to native New Delhi as she didn’t find many offers coming her way. Nila a.k.a. Meera Chopra is a distant cousin of Bollywood’s leading starlet Priyanka Chopra.

A couple of weeks back, Nila lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police complaining that a person was sending her ‘obscene’ mails and photos. Even as the case is still pending, she finds herself in a fresh controversy as reports say that she faces arrest by the Haryana Police in connection with a murder case.

Shefali from Gurgaon, Haryana has lodged a complaint with the police alleging that it was the ‘illicit’ relationship her brother-in-law Sumeet was having with Nila which has resulted in the death of her younger sister Ruchi, who was was recently found murdered. Ruchi was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her house but the police later found that it wasn’t a suicide.

Police enquiries revealed that it was Sumeet who had murdered Ruchi and then tried to make it appear like a case of suicide. Sumeet was arrested by the police yesterday. Shefali has further said that the 6-year long marriage was never sweet for Ruchi, who had been continuously harassed ‘both physically and mentally’ by Sumeet and his family.

A senior police official said that a Police team had left for Delhi to arrest Meera Chopra to enquire her about her possible role in the murder of Ruchi. Sumeet has, meanwhile, said that though he entered into an altercation with Ruchi prior to her demise, he was having cordial relationship with her and pleaded guilty.


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