Access Card Security for Rajinis Rana Shooting

Deepika Padukone - Rajinikanth

The construction of the huge sets which were being erected in the AVM studios has finally come to an end. It’s where the shooting of some portions of superstar Rajini’s upcoming film ‘Rana’ would take place next month, it is reliably learnt. Sources close to Rajini and director Ravikumar say that the film would be launched on 01st May, with a duet song featuring Rajini and Deepika Padukone getting picturized in the just-erected ‘Royal Hall’.

The muhurat of the film would be held on 1st May and would be followed by the shooting schedule. A.R. Rahman, who would be composing music for the period-type extragavanza, is said to have composed the duet song that would be shot on the lead pair. The name of the lyric writer and the name of the playback singers who have sung the film have been kept as a ‘top secret’ with the crew members being issued ‘Access Card’ to enter the shooting spot on the VIII floor of the Studios.

‘Access Card’ is primarily used at major industrial houses with heavy workforce and in companies which have a sizeable number of employees besides in usage by the IT sector. Probably for the first time in the history of Indian films, the ‘Access Card’ is being used for the shooting of a feature film in any language in India!



  1. Sam

    Unaku enpa eriyudhu…… takeit easy..its just a movie, some people take movies seriously. If you dont like it then w t f are you reading this article or this site???

  2. gana

    thalaivar rocks…who care this stupid people bad comments/./././tamil nadu favourite is rajinikanth….success is urs/.//no on can reach u….ohers only talk nonsense…..rajini is in himalaya high others are still small…

  3. bebo

    deepika luv 2 see u in tamil movie,. rajini n kamal movies nala iruko illayo who caress.. wil watch in theatre ..  

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