Jayam Ravi Aadhi Bhagavan

Aadhi Bhagavan irritates Jayam Ravi

Jayam Ravi Aadhi Bhagavan

It appears that actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi has been acting in Ameer’s Aadhi Bhagavan for ages now. The film was launched almost a couple of years ago and there is still no trace of the film getting winded up in the near future. The film, which has the sizzling Neetu Chandra opposite Ravi, has the latter appearing in many ‘get-ups’ as well.

Creators like Ameer, Selvaraghavan and Bala take their time in completing their projects which are usually appreciated by the critics as well as the movie-goers. As far as Aadhi Bhagavan is concerned, Ameer cast Neetu Chandra as the heroine after becoming friends with her while shooting for the ‘item number’ Kattumara Kannaa… with her in director Mysskin’s Yudhdham Sei.

Film-makers not always start shooting from the first sequence and end it with the climax sequence. Though the films are shot not in an orderly manner, the editing and re-recording takes care of the sequence of events in the film. Most of the film-makers would shoot the climax sequence at the very beginning to ensure themselves that the ‘ending sequence’ has come out well.

Ameer, though, has been doing it in his own style and has been shooting the film in an orderly manner. For sequences which required to be shot abroad, instead of shooting all the sequence at one go, Ameer reportedly visited the same location abroad more than two times to shoot the film in the same order as the sequences would appear in the film in the final version.

‘Jayam’ Ravi appears to be most affected by the film’s shooting schedule as the get-ups he had to don in the film didn’t permit him to take up other film offers. Ravi has had only a solitary release in Engeyum Kaadhal this year. He has reportedly decided and told Ameer that he would no more be changing his get-ups for the film as he had to commit himself to other projects as well.


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