A wife like Yamini

A wife like Mayakkam Enna Yamini

A wife like Yamini

It’s kind of true that movies can go overboard when trying to drill the message across to the audience. But then again that’s not really true for all movies and so has been the case with the now running successfully Mayakkam Enna.The movie might not suit the tastes of regular Selvargahavan aficionados, but it has been praised for many other reasons.

Apart from Dhanush’s superb performance and GV Prakash’s fitting background scores many are finding a special place for the girl Yamini in their hearts. (And…yeah we are talking about you emo-shizo male fans…hehehe…don’t mind ah!). Yamini’s character was beautifully played by newcomer Richa Gangopadhyay as she displayed the strength and resilience of the Indian wife, when your relationship throws burning questions at you and happiness is just a forgotten word. Richa has been receiving good words for her debut role so much so that many bachelors out there are hoping to find another Yamini for themselves after grabbing the evening tickets for the film. Infact one of them who came out of the theaters shared his secret with us saying, “I’ll be seeing a girl on Sunday with my family, hope she is like Yamini, the character in ME”

Now that’s the most priced compliment a filmmaker can get in his lifetime. And macha we hope that you find your Yamini soon!!! 🙂



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