A call from Kamal to Sarika

Shruti Celebrating Diwali
Shruti Celebrating Diwali

Actress Shruti Hassan was back in Chennai after completing a hectic shooting schedule in Mumbai.And  Happy to be back home the actress took the opportunity to bring back  her parents Sarika and Kamal together and turn thing around  this Diwali .

Kamal and Sarika haven’t been in good terms reportedly after they had filed a divorce earlier in 2002.

The relationship between Kamal and Sarika lasted for a good 14 years until the divorce. Kamal and his daughters now live with Gouthami along with Gouthami’s daughter Subbalakshmi.It is to be noted that Kamal provided the much needed help during the period when Gouthami was suffering from breast cancer .The pair has been in a relation ship relationship for the past 5 years since 2005.

After the divorce Sarika was completely alienated from her daughters as well as Kamal himself. Since that they never had a quality conversation over the phone.But now it seems after being insisted by Shruti father Kamal has decide to turn a new leaf in life.

Yesterday daughter Shruti made it a point to make appa Kamal wish Sarika ! “This is the first time that they are talking after many years” confirmed a source!



  1. abi

    as daughter shruthi u have done a great job…. it’s really happy 2 hear ur mum and dad together again…. hope god has to make them together alwayasssss

  2. Rikki

    Gouthami madatha pathi think pannunga miss. shruthi,,,,,evlo supportiva unga fatherku irukkangale,,,,,neen crazynnu nenaikkiren….

  3. remo

    ammam…gautami pavam thann……..this is wat happens to de second lady in a men life. men wll always perefer the 1st wife no matter what happe. gautami will be out soon …..

  4. vaa nee varamatten po

    Kamal is a womanizer, no doubt, the reason for vaani/sarika to leave him or he ditched them!
    Self proclaimed “ulaganaathan” or ulakkainaathan. He is a good actor, in his life too!

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