A bearded Vijay in Nanban?

Vijay with beard

Shankar is back in Chennai after a grueling but satisfactory shooting schedule of his upcoming film ‘Nanban’ in the ever-green hill-station of Dehra Dun, which is nestled in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in the State of Uttarakhand.

The mercurial director, whose last film ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ was a phenomenal hit and created waves world-wide, is upbeat about the prospects of ‘Nanban’ at the box-office. He’s all praise for the combo of Vijay, Jiiva and Srikkanth and says that the trio has become thick friends, not merely for their on-screen roles but off it as well.

Meanwhile, reports said that Vijay was very ‘apprehensive’ in changing his hair-style for his role in the film. Shankar scotches those reports as nothing but a figment of somebody’s imagination. He has confirmed that Vijay would actually be sporting a beard for his role when shown in the ‘flashback mode’ in the film.

A bearded Vijay, fresh Ileana and the untested trio of Vijay-Jiiva-Srikkanth… looks like ‘Nanban’ has a lot to look forward to!



  1. Aravind

    Vijay u look like a college student only…noting new needed to show u as a college student…plz be natural as u r in other movies….dont spoil the essence……

  2. Aravind

    Stanly Vijay is entertainer and Surya is a performer…both have different ways of presenting and Surya does not have individual style which means he blends in to the character but for vijay story revolves around him and need to be very careful in selecting stories with strong back ground but it should not alter his apperance………

  3. Ambrose

    After Jayalalitha rejected the demand for a MLA seat for his father S.A.Chandrasekar, Vijay became so sad and has started growing beard

  4. Aravind

    Stanly remember Kadaluku Mariyathai…superb movie of Vijay……though i am not a fan of him i love to seem him in such type movies which has strong story line

  5. stanly

    athu ok da macha…………bt kullan surya over scene podu vanda ne venum na avan interviews paru……………..

  6. Aravind

    Stanly just cool buddy….nothing to get tensed of Surya……acting is profession for both guys and just we should enjoy their acting….thats type of nature we should develop……..i surely know Surya is not jealous of Vijay….even the enemity between Vijay and Ajith had dissappeared…its the fans who thinks they are enemies…..hope u would understand the point……enjoy the movies,actors and their performances…..

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