3 Rascals to be renamed as ‘Moovar’

3 rascals now titled Moovar is searching for another actress alongside Ileana,we wonder who?
3 rascals now titled Moovar is searching for another actress alongside Ileana,we wonder who?

The shooting for the movie 3 Rascals is to commence soon and now director Shankar is having second thoughts regarding the title. Infact sources revealed that the Tamil version of   3 Rascals is to be christened “Moovar” while no names have been changed to the earlier suggested “3 Rascals” for the Telugu remake. This move is seen as a result of the recent tax exemption rule implemented by the Tamil Nadu government as the name 3 Rascals would not fetch any concessions.

Shankar is contemplating a change in the script too as he is well aware of the fact that the original 3 idiots has been appreciated by a mass audience in Tamil and Telugu alike. We also heard that Ileana is not the only actress to star in the flick and that she will be accompanied by another heroine.

Looks like it’s not a smooth ride for Shankar for his upcoming project 3 Rascals .This particular venture seems to be cropping up with new puzzles to be solved everyday for the director.

Well Shankar definitely needs to clear things out as soon as possible before shooting starts.



  1. Mani

    Enna kudumai Sankar ithu… Vijay aellam vaichu padam aedutha.. unga paeru enna aakurathu.. still you have time think twice bfore starting the Project…

  2. Vignesh

    having Vijay & Srikanth in this movie is bullshit as “IPHONE” says.. your right dude..!!! Shankar, pls apply thought..

  3. Batwoman

    may be he could try a new stroy with these wonderfull actors than spoiling real 3 idiots its will be a shame for Amir Khan

  4. raj

    what a rubbish……….no body can do as aamir done in 3 idiots……..3 bulshit actors in tamil ……….shankar i request u 2 pls avoid this movie and dont throw away the orginal beauty of this movie……………beg u……..pls………..

  5. harsaan

    apadiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa apa thala surya indha mathiri yar nadicha mattum ora kiliya kilichudu vangaloooooooooooo sir

  6. chillu cheenu

    dai muthala un opiniona type panu da aduthavan silluratha sollirka enn mulla sonthama kidayatha unaku nee ellam pasikura thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………………………

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