3 Rascals in Delhi

The 3 rascals in Delhi
The 3 rascals in Delhi

After finalizing the 3 Rascals for his upcoming project a remake of the hit 3 idiots, director Shankar seemed a satisfied soul.

Since the original 3 idiots was shot in the very beautiful of Dehradun, it was believed earlier that the director along with his team had packed their bags to Dehradun but now it is decided that the film will start shooting from December 5 in Delhi.

Rumor has it that the shooting will take place in Delhi in a set to be constructed matching the Dehradun locations.

Looks like the director still needs to sought out his sundry issues and take some concrete steps soon as we still wonder why Delhi of all the places ?



  1. vasin

    Chinna Kadi Joke
    Oru chinna kadhai.
    Oru singham, oru puli, oru kurangu.
    Singham engineering padikkudhu.
    Puli MBBS padikkudhu.
    Kurangu SMS padikkudhu.
    Idhu eppadi irukku?

  2. Awsome Reader

    for the story line the perfect face for this story is ayra,dhanush and simbhu. if not suriya danush and arya.

    look at this faces the director have choosen they are not fit for the story!! sp that srikanth.

  3. mini

    3 idiots hindile super…..tamile eppadi vare potho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all is welllllllllllllll????????????????

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