3 rascals and 3 titles

The 3 Rascals cast
The 3 Rascals cast

We had earlier mentioned that the movie 3 Rascals will see a title change, namely Moovar. This change came due to the recent tax exemption law implemented by the Tamil Nadu government. But looks like director Shankar is still not satisfied as now he has suggested two more names i.e. ‘Nanban’ and ‘Khilladi’ to his ever changing list of substitutions.

It is also known that the director is likely to mould the script in order to bring something fresh to the viewers as he is well aware of the fact that many of the Telugu and Tamil audience are acquainted with the original version. More so ever there are plans to rope in another actress alongside Ileana.

Now with 3 titles at hand i.e ‘Moovar’ or ‘Nanban’ or ‘Khilladi’, it would be interesting to see whether the director will stick to Moovar or opt for the change.



  1. Ha Ha

    Some more suggestions:

    1. 3 Muttalgal
    2. 3 Porukkigal
    3. 3 Madayargal
    4. Muttaal Moodan Matti 
    5. 3 Moodevigal
    6. Kaalai Maadu 3 Karavai Maadu 1

    All the above titles are also eligible for tax exemption

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