Coimbatore kids murderer shot dead in encounter by the police

Mohanraj encounter
The accused in the siblings murder case Mohanraj who was killed in an encounter with the police in Coimbatore on Tuesday

Barely days after the kidnap and murder of two young siblings, Muskan(9) and Rithik(7) had rocked the state, the main accused Mohan alias Mohanraj alias Mohanakrishnan (27), was shot dead by the police in an encounter in Coimbatore around 5:30 am on Tuesday.

It may be noted that various associations in the city including actor Vijay had demanded that the accused to be hanged in public.

According to police, Mohanraj was being taken to the scene of the crime,around 5.30 a.m for making them identify the places where the accused had committed the offence of sexual assault, murder and drowning. When the vehicle was crossing the Vellalore compost yard of the corporation on the Podanur – Vellalore road, the accused Mohanraj reportedly snatched a revolver and opened fire,while trying to escape.

Accused Mohanraj
Accused Mohanraj

Immediately, Inspector Annadurai is said to have opened fire in self-defence and two bullets hit the head of the accused while one went into the chest killing the accused on the spot. Two police sub-inspectors sustained bullet injuries in the encounter.

He died when we opened fire in self defence. Both Sub Inspectors with bullet injuries are in the ICU,” said Dr Sylendra Babu, Commisioner of Police, Coimbatore.

On October 29, Mohanraj tricked the children and their grandmother who had accompanied them to the bus stop, claiming that he was asked to pick up the school students in the absence of the regular person. As he had worked as school driver earlier, they did not find anything amiss.

But not finding the children at the regular spot, the real driver contacted the children’s father Ranjit Kumar, a textile merchant in the city. Being outstation, he contacted his wife Sangeeta to check.

Coimbatore Kids Killed by the Van driver
Coimbatore Kids Killed by the Van driver

Finding their plan go awry, the driver duo allegedly murdered the children by pushing them into a water canal near Coimbatore, according to police. Their bodies were later fished out from the waterway. The girl’s post-mortem report revealed that she had also been sexually assaulted before the murder.

The killings had created an instant outrage among the society, with almost all members seeking nothing less than death penalty for the accused – but by way of legal, judicial retribution and not extra-judicial encounter. Even though the western city has had its share of troubles over the past, this is the first such killing in Coimbatore.

The public in Coimbatore city said, “Today is our Deepavali as the police have killed the Narakasuran (Mohanraj). They have given the right punishment to the accused, who kidnapped the 9 year-old girl Muskan, rapped her and killed her along with her brother Rithik (7).”

The parents of the murdered children said they had not celebrated Deepavali last week. But today the killing of Mohanraj by the police made them celebrate the festival.

However Activists say his killing could be a fake encounter to assuage public anger and pre-empt the opposition AIADMK’s plan to make it an issue in the assembly.

“The police had taken him for re-construction early in the morning around 5: 30 am. They could have taken during the day. And if he had really opened fire at the police why did they not restrain him in many ways than killing him?” questioned Geeta Ramaseshan, Activist.

Given that the killings caused so much anger, public sentiment may be in favour of the police, but they could still face tough questions in the court of law.



  1. SIngam

    Hats off to Police and CM(minister for police)
    We (public) are with you ,please continue these en-counter against the wild animals.

  2. Ashraf

    CBE Police did a fantastic job…Even, it may be a planned encounter but they accomplished the right Judgement on favour of all. So the happens should be appreciated. No way we/court could question our CBE Police guys…

  3. learnersreference com

    it could be a planned murder…still right decision…kill such filthy idiots…we no longer need them



  5. Vasin

    We Thamilar again find/use a style that is not civilised. Are we still monkeys? Sylendra if he is a good guy would use it fairly. Tomorrow a crook will take ove his position and would use his power to kill someone who refused to hand him dollars.

  6. Bibin Antony

     en-counter is not wright for these kind of street dogs…As a punishment he must have been left to the public,we would have given him for what he did…….very sad for not getting him in my hand….If these kind of punishment are given these fucking dog’s wont think of doing these kind of act again……

  7. raja chenbagaraman

    very nice and silent job by our police team and higer officials.apart from law we need such a judgment.,

  8. Angel

    this is the best decision. police should follow their encounter for this kind of situation, in future also…..
    but one thing, if u gave that stupid man to the kids mother she kill them and her angry will b reduced.
    anyhow its good job, it should be continue….

  9. Tamil

    Very good Decision..
    But He should not be killed in  a minute.. We should have troubled him and killed slowly..
    Please find all the accuist behind this incident and kill every one..
    Dont leave any one…(the bow and also the Arrow).
    Ai people, Life is Only once, who are you to decide others life… Live your own life…
    No one please support for this idiot, culprit… please..
    Law should be very srtict, then one these things will never happen in future..

  10. apple

    the police should even given him more torture before shooting him they should even cut his sunni before killing him any how hands off to sir  sylendra babu team and the great mamul police man,we(public) like ur spirit.

  11. NMN

    superb punishment…but these animals must get punish by torturing in public…..hats off to tamilnadu police though im a srilankan….my deepest sympathy to the parents of muskan and rithik….who ever giving oppose comments to the police encounter send their mothers, sisters, and daughters to these kind animals and let them to decide therafter…

  12. bramma

    very good. here after ,this govt will written a law like this, “encounter for kidnappers and rapists” no court, no vaaidha, only JUDGEMENT.

  13. sathya babu

    pora pathai thappa irrukhalam ahana poi sarum edam kovila irrukha vedum pa ….this is the real diwali our tamilnadhu…..

  14. Thameem Ashik, Saudi Arabia

    Such a great job by our policemen. Hats off to you. Friends, please dont call those guys as dogs, so that dogs will kill themselves by hearing this. They are living but non-living things. I think even Naragasuran wouldnt be much cruel like these guys. We should celebrate this day as ENCOUNTER DAY or POLICE DAY. Again a big salute to Tamilnadu Police.

  15. @ Vasin - from Coimbator/London

    you’ll have no idea what the kid’s family would have gone through..there can’t any better punishment given to such criminals. stop talking about law and order and think practically!

  16. kk

    dollarsa? nee enna loosa? inthu Thamizhnadu! inga ippdithan! vaala aatna suritti vekkamaatom!vettiduwom! sethavan ennavo gandhikku assistant madri pesara.and risk of misusing powers is possible from eevry bureacratic position.mind that we are supporting only when anything is done for a proper reason.Intha basic reasoning kooda ellathavanellam civilisation pathi pesa vanthuttan! mothalla lookup for indepth meaning of being civilised.its doesnt mean to be soft on each and evrything.Appo defencekaaga martial aarts practice panravanga ellam enna uncivilisedaa?

  17. Shankar

    Geeta Ramaseshan, Activist:: Please find some other job for your self.
    Will you come with this kind of statement if this happens to your kids??
    These kind of encounter should be made as LAW
    Encounter is the least, they both should have been chopped and soaked in chilly.

  18. Vasin

    Sorry guys, I apologise for my absolutely stupid comments above. Its just that I was on extreme bodhai when I wrote thos idiotic comments. I apologise again. Sorry.

  19. annu

    the police had done the right thing……..who r u bullshitGeeta Ramaseshan…..dnt u have ny sampathy…..if it would have done with ur family member then wat would b ur reaction……so plz stop all bakwaas…….hatsoff to tamilnadu police…u r gr8

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