Yuvarani Wins Case against Indian Movie News,awarded RM 70,000

Yuvarani who is married to a Malaysian businessman from Klang, filed the defamation suit in 2003 over two defamatory articles published in a local Tamil magazine and the publisher of popular monthly magazine Indian Movie News (IMN) for popularizing her image as a Prostitute. 12 years ago in April and August 1998.Claiming the said articles had defamed her. Yuvarani alleged that the material published related to her was false and done with malicious intent. yuvarani stated that the words published like, ‘she was involved in prostitution, lusted after men’ were immoral

High Court Judicial Commissioner Varghese George Varughese ruled that the defendants had failed to establish their defence of justification and liability for the publication of two defamatory articles relating to the actress.

Justice Varghese said he found the statements published by the defendants had the tendency to injure the actress in her standing, character and reputation, and to bring scandal and contempt to her name.

“The statements, taken separately or together, satisfied the test of having a tendency to portray the plaintiff negatively amongst readers and others interested in the personal affairs of stars in Tamil movies and serials.

“Those statements or reports did not have as a foundation, some interview given or statement made in the first place by the plaintiff,” he said in his 45-page written judgement made available to the press this week.

Justice Varghese said it is also obvious to the court that there was no form of independent verification undertaken by those responsible at IMN to check or confirm the truth of the statements on her.
The judicial commissioner ordered the defendants to pay an interest of 8% per annum to the actress from the date of judgment on April 1 until full settlement.

He also asked the defendants to pay litigation costs to the actress, who gained recognition for her leading role in the Tamil mega drama serial Chitti.

However, Justice Varghese said he was satisfied that the contract printer, Percetakan Kum Sdn Bhd, was not liable for defamation.Yuvarani has been awarded RM 70,000(malaysian Rinnget) by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur

RM(70,000)=Rupees 9,73,059.1

A relieved Yuvarani expressed her satisfaction over the ruling and said that court’s decision has proved her impeccable honesty and integrity and hoped Malaysians would continue to shower their love upon her.



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