Yuvarani regrets the statement on her relationship with Nithyananda

News and photos of actress Yuvarani with Nithyananda in the internet have turned out to be a burning issue that the actress has filed a complaint with the police to ban such news in the internet.

Previously the sex video containing actress Ranjitha and Nithyananda was at the horizon. Later news came out that Yuvarani was also having relationship with Swami Nithyananda. Yuvarani regreted the statement and she also added that she was cheated by Swami Nithyananda. In this instance, photos having Yuvarani and Nithyananda closely have been released in the net and creating chaos. Though the photos dont show the face of actress Yuvarani clearly, the body structure of the lady in the photo and Yuvarani matches to a great extent.

The below is the video Yuvarani is talking about that was released in NTV telugu news channel

Couldnt make a word out of telugu, but it is for sure that there is no real tape involving the actress has been released over the internet,be careful there are lots of scam sites and virus infected sites, claiming Yuvarani-nithyananda sex videos.

Yuvarani has filed a complaint to the Police commissioner on this issue. Later when she addressed the press, she said “I came to know about such pictures in the net through her relatives. I immediately went through those sites. There weren’t any wrong pictures in that, all were my old pictures only. In case if any pictures of me gets released in future, I  have asked the Commissioner to ban those. I haven’t made any complaint against any individual. The commissioner has promised me that he would take the adequate measures. I would meet the press soon once again after I consult my husband”. The issue of playboy Nithyananda seems to have no end.


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