Yuvans girl Shilpa is a doctor, marriage on September 1st

Yuvan to marry doctor Shilpa on September 1st

We had recently reported about composer Yuvan Shankar Raja ‘reset’ plans of his second marriage with a girl named Shilpa. There are some fresh updates that have just poured in and we wanted to share the same with our dear fans. That is why we……(Hey! can just hold on for a second) It is reported that Yuvan’s girl happens to be a doctor by profession and is working at a leading hospital. She had been on Yuvans friends tag for a long time and now will step on to the spousy category pretty soon.

The couple will tie the nuptial knot on September 1st at Tirupathy. This will be followed by the reception on September 2nd at the Hyaat hotel. In fact dad Ilayaraja and mommy have given a positive nod to the to-be couple as they are happy to find that their son hasn’t rushed at things this time. With his Mankatha creating waves yet again Yuvan has neatly charted quite a success formula for himself. His ladylove Shilpa happens to be a wonderful combination of smartness and simplicity that has helped her earn a soft spot in Yuvans heart. The composer had earlier disclosed that he would soon announce the big news just after the Mankatha audio release and surely so the announcement is worth the wait.

Yuvan we are so want to hear you sing the good news from your own lips.




  1. Vasin

    He can’t become a doctor; she might be able to become a singer or something but unlikely; so what are the immediate common interests? Sex, Becoming Rich & Famous, Fitness, Going out together, Doing domestics together, filling time interestingly….Sex is real deal but the others??? You must have 2 more substantial and consummate common interests…

  2. Vasin

    Arukaatheenga June…If you really know articulate a sollunga…Smile solra maathri ‘India a vida sirantha thesam ethuvum illa’ na maathri illa acceptable reasons oda sollunga.

  3. KAM

    music is considered to be a healer to broken souls and on  that note he has  some similarities to his future wife. i do not know why he split with is ex. sex is very important in life as many have become addicted to porn on internet and married to it. when you use your palm more often the wife becomes secondary and she will also have to seek alternative methods. above all with his current msical performance many soul will require antidepressant.

  4. Vasin

    Yuvan is no real musician just like many of us no real Engineers and Doctors. Inspiration la oruvela kavitha solliduvaru Yugan but he cant melt her with music. He is not that good. I heard a few old songs of his father they were original but Yuvan is a mediocre. Enna porn? Even smell of your girl friend’s sweat would be a million times better.

  5. Smile

    Wow a doctor…not bad.Hope he lets her continue her profession.Yup,as what June said,there is more to marriage than just S..

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