Yuvan Shankar Raja confirms his second marriage

Yuvan Shankar Raja confirms our marriage rumours

After we first announced the news of composer Yuvan Shankar Raja second marriage with a girl named Shilpa comments have been pouring in asking who is this new girl in Yuvan’s life? while many others were more concerned if Yuvan really had made up his mind to give the marriage thingy a second shot.

Now the man himself Yuvan Shankar Raja, confirmed our reports in his typical up-beat style as he said, “Da rumours r true, I am getting married! Been planning this for a while now, wanted da whole thing to be private, Very happy n excited!! ” The composer wanted to keep things personal even though he had earlier hinted that there will be good news to follow just after the Mankatha release. He has been receiving congratulatory messages from close friends in the industry including Udhayanidhi Stalin wishing him “All the best!” Yuvan’s girl Shilpa is a doctor by profession and we were told earlier that it’s her straightforward thinking attitude coupled with her graceful looks that helped her win the top-shot director’s heart. The couple will tie the nuptial knot this September 1st in Tirupati followed by the wedding reception on September 2nd at the luxurious Hyaat Hotel, Chennai.

Yo yo my man, U1 !

Hearty blessings….n a big Cheers !



  1. karuna

    Really lucky what a fentastic music director of our times His every film music and songs are ever new ever green and tasty. Lucky girl.

  2. vvistra

    Good Luck bro. I just pity the gal. No Doubt  he`s talented but personal attitue is bad. He frequent Pattaya, Bangkok for gals with his friends often. 

  3. Vasin

    Prab pannathu understandable; he has not many years left to see may be the life he wanted. Aana Yuvan should have tried more with his previous young wife. If there is a young couple split 99% the boy would have been wrong. Girls get to understand things much faster; we are tubelights; Yuvan would have made the mistake.

  4. Smile

    Life-le edhellam sagajamappa….Though i personally feel that marriage should only happen once in a person’s life,we can’t expect it to be such.Who wants a marriage to fail??I am sure no one wants.As long as u don’t betray each other’s trust.His divorce was by mutual consent.They have parted ways adhukunu kappal kavundha madhiri erukanuma enna.Yuvan has moved on.Let this be successful atleast.I hope that his ex-wife will also find her right match.

  5. Frown

    Firstly Yuvan and his ex-wife split long ago. What business is it of ours what they do now? Let her be married let him be married. Let him frequent party’s, let her be cruel. When they both are good friends and happy as the best of friends, we should not comment. If they reunite, great, if they remain inseparable friends also is not our business. What will happen will happen.

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