Yuvanshankar Raja Islam

Yuvan converts to Islam; says all is well in the family

Yuvanshankar Raja Islam

In a shocking turn of events, Yuvan Shankar Raja, younger son of composer Ilaiyaraaja and considered by many as talented enough to take forward Ilaiyaraaja’s musical legacy for the next few generations, converted to Islam but hasn’t announced any change in his name which has made him what he is now.

Reports say that the conversion took place a few months but has been purposely kept under wraps. Queries revealed that Yuvan, who has had a couple of failed marriages to contend with, was going through an uneasy phase in his life when a Muslim film-maker (said to be very close to Yuvan) gave him a book authored by a popular Islamic saint. It is said that soon after reading the book, Yuvan felt a change of heart and felt like converting to Islam.

The film-maker reportedly took Yuvan to a Muslim priest in Pondicherry who is said to have solemnized the conversion process. However, Yuvan never went public about it and it was only after several websites published the news of Yuvan spotted at actor Krishna’s marriage with a Muslim lady(Picture above),  that the composer started to react.   Rumors also said that Yuvan had already married for the third time with that Muslim woman.

Tweeting on his Twitter account, Yuvan has said “I’m not married for the third time. That news is fake and yes I follow Islam and I’m proud about it. Alhamdhulillah. My family supports my decision and there is no misunderstanding between me and my dad.”

However, it is said that Ilayaraja is said to be very ‘upset’ about his son’s decision and has stopped talking to the latter.



  1. flora

    hey kollytalk, the girl above in the pic is my friend. she is married. Her husband is yuvan’s friend. this pic was taken when they attended actor krishna’s wedding. She was with her husband in this pic.You have just cropped her and yuvan and created a story…. pls confirm before wrting a msg.

  2. vak

    Yuvan felt a change of heart and felt like converting to Islam, why all your family father sister brother wait for

  3. ghulam qader

    Why does the reporter state “shocking”? could have chosen a better word. it is not only a let down for Yuvan but also to the readers..

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