YouTube awards gold medal to Dhanush’s Kolaveri song


The song Why this Kolaveri di… has been winning more and more hearts with each passing day. The song is downloaded from YouTube on the Internet countless number of times every day. In the past week alone, YouTube has received as many as 14 million hits and has created a hitherto unseen record.

YouTube has presented the song Why this Kolaveri di… with a golden star award. This is the first time in the history of YouTube that a Tamil song gets such a recognition. The song appears in actor Dhanush’s upcoming film 3 directed by his wife Aishwarya. The film also marks the first time that Dhanush and Shruti Haasan are paired on-screen.

The son has also received the bronze medal for the ‘most popular’ song in an upcoming film. Though the song’s official video clippings are not yet released, the song has a raw video version which gets downloaded by Dhanush’s fans and music-lovers. Though many reasons such as mixing of English and Tamil words in the lyrics, Dhanush’s voice and the folk-styled tune are given as reasons for the unprecedented popularity of the song, Sony’s promotion of the song is cited as the major reason.

Sony Music, which had acquired the music rights of 3, went all out to promote this song. The song’s popularity had increased so mush so that some over-eager fans have also uploaded the ‘female’ version of the song by ‘converting’ the lyrics as Why this Kolaveri da… The song is also available on ‘different’ versions on YouTube in the form of ‘violin version’, ‘guitar version’, etc.

Whether the song’s popularity helps the film at the box-office can only be answered by Time!


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