Youth arrested for harassing actress Nithya Menon

Nithya Menon harrassed

Actress Nithya Menon has just experienced double delight in the past couple of months. The actress, who has had back-to-back releases in ‘Nootrenbadhu’ (180) and Gautham Menon’s production venture ‘Veppam’ in the past few weeks, is extremely delighted at the recognition she has been getting for the past weeks.

Popular in Malayalam and Telugu films also, Nithya was recently in Ottupattarai near Palakkad in Kerala where she had gone to inaugurate the branch of a famous textile showroom. At the stipulated time, Nithya arrived in her plush car and was received by the showroom’s owner and other employees. A huge crowd had already gathered at the place in anticipation of Nithya’s visit.

In the melee that ensued as Nithya made her way into the textile showroom to throw it open, an youth was caught red-handed harassing and pinching at the actress. Shocked at the youth’s behaviour and feeling odd and humiliated, Nithya scolded the person and asked him to behave properly.

When the police, who were at the venue, came to know about the incident, they promptly took the youth in to custody. After the youth pleaded with the police that he would never do such a thing in future, the police let him off after warning him. The name and address of the youth, however, wasn’t revealed by the police.



  1. Jeev

    Catch that fellow and cut his p****s off… these kind of people should be severely punished, becuase it was nithya this matter came out, how many poor women are harassed by these kind of people and they silently cry inside because either of thier poverty or not wanting to reveal due to shame… damn these perverts…

  2. swetha

    dai MK….unakku girlfriend kadaikatha naala yen june mela erinju vilira….nee gay aanaul, lesbo aanalum, un valka thaniya thaan,….ippadi mercile aana hyper tension vanthidum….odamba pathikka kanna

  3. MM

    Cheap behaviour…it would be nice if every such induvidual is caught like this and made to apologize to the girl in front of everyone!…may be we can make a board holding these ppl’s photo in the public place with the header – ‘Kamnatigal jaakirathai’….then only these ppl will change….

  4. KUMAR

    ithu oru metteraa da pich pannaanna killunaannu artham killarathu paasathai velippaduthuvathu ithu oru matter aa daa avanavan 100 per 200 per saagurannn ithu llaam oru news nnu poduraan

  5. Smile

    The name and address of the youth, however, wasn’t revealed by the police.-Aama,avan panna nalla kariyathuku police avan peru,address,email,raasi,kulam,gothram with colour photovoda kudupanga.

    What a cheap act by that fella….Sadhaiku alayuran paavi!Like what Vijay said in Pokkiri,kasappu kadaile naraiya vetti vechiruppan…..adhule poi moonjiya vei.If it was me,seruppa kalatti naalu saathu sathirpean….

    But why publish this news and embaress Nithya further?

  6. Smile


    Rightly said….But cutting off……is too much for this crime.That should be done for rape.And the victim should herself do it with an axe.But for this i suggest,pouring boiling water or hot oil on his…..

  7. Smile

    Not only guys who physically abuse women but also those who verbally insult them,should be punished.There are some men who go around insulting womanhood by words.Oru pozhappave vechikitu thiriyuranunga.Appear pattavanga mela acid oothunalum thappu illai.

  8. Unni chettiar

    tamila nee mothalla keralavil irundhu veliyapo appuram nanga porum, thanni kidaikama sethruven moodikittu indiana iru illaina yazhpanathukku odipo

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