Yes Folks Billa 2 is here

billa 2 Poster
billa 2 Poster

Ajith was making news for his Pastas and Thala Biryani’s.

But we have got news from the actor regarding his next project after he departs from the Mankatha team.

News is that Ajith has been confirmed to recreate the magic of the 2007 gangster-thriller film Billa .Yes people Billa 2 is here .Back with a bang! Billa 2, which will resurface the hit combo of Ajith and director Vishnuvardhan and it is to by produced by Suresh Balaje

The original Billa which starred Rajinikanth was made by veteran producer and actor K Balaje.Billa 2 will be produced by Suresh Balaji,who is the son of late K Balaji.

Nayantara in Billa
Nayantara in Billa

On further enquiry producer Suresh stated, “It was my late father K Balaji’s dream to make a part two to our biggest hit Rajinikanth’s Billa. Now, we have signed up Ajith to do Billa 2, along with the rest of the team who did the Billa remake consisting of Vishnuvardhan, cinematographer Nirav Shah, editor Sreekar Prasad and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.”

News is that Billa 2 will be a prequel rather than a sequel to the earlier one starring Ajith.For those who are wondering if Nayanthara will set screens on fire with her bikinis just hold your breath. It is known that for this prequel the heroine and the rest of the cast are yet to be decided. While shooting dates are set to commence by March 2011, it is felt that this gap will offer the much needed time to decide the cast for the movie.

Director Vishnu is currently giving the final touches to the script. As it was confirmed much to the expectation of the viewers “Billa 2 will have the class and style associated with the first part.”



  1. fan

    no..intha padathule thala oduvaru….and “I’m running back” nu solvaru…thala kitta vechukatheda….mankatha villaiyadiduvaru….dhoom thatha…

  2. raj

    billa part 1 la ajith kumar 100 kilometers walk panaru

    Asal la 150 kilometers walk panaru

    ipa balla 2 la 200 kilometers walk panaporan da tharuthala

    thanga mudiyathu da yepa sami

    Tharuthala pola varuma

  3. Stanly

    billa 2 vanthu flop its challenge to ajith fans…………….otha pula pekave ivanku thupu ila………pakath vitkara vanthu ivan pondatiya othut pona..hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahhah

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