Yatchan Movie Review

Yatchan Movie Review

Yatchan Movie Review

Cast: Arya, Krishna, Deepa Sannidhi, Swathi Reddy, Thambi Ramaia, Ponvannan, Senrayan, Adil Hussain and Balaji
Script and direction: Vishnuvardhan
Produced by: Siddharth Roy Kapur, Vishnuvardhan
Story & dialogues: Subha
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash


Chinna (Arya) is a rugged young man, living in Tuticorin and indulging in some petty crimes to make ends meet while leading a care-free life. Being a hard fan of Ajith, he gets enraged with a man who tears apart the tickets for Ajith’s movie. Chinna hits him hard and the man dies unexpectedly. Since he belongs to a gang of criminals, other gangsters chase Chinna to kill him. Chinna escapes from them and comes to Chennai. He meets a man who promises to send him to Malaysia to work there.

Karthik Shanmugam (Kreshna), living in Pazhani, dreams of becoming a huge actor in Kollywodd. His girlfriend (Swathi) helps him to go to Chennai to pursue his dream. He tries hard and gets an opportunity to act in an Ajith-starrer.

Meanwhile, Chinna gets an ‘assignment’ to kill a girl for which the take offered to him is Rs.5 lakh. The girl (Deepa Sannidhi), who possesses ESP power to predict the future events, is targeted by a powerful politician Vetri (Adil Hussain). Chinna and Karthi accidentally get into the other’s car and they head to a place about which they have no idea. Chinna goest to the studio and Karthik to the killing spot.

What happened to the girl? What happened to Karthik’s dream? Could Chinna escape from the forces that chase him to take revenge on him? Could he kill the girl?

Script analysis

The story has quite a many complications and intricacies to be made as a gripping movie. Director Vishnuvardhan gives his special attention to make the sequences interesting and funny. He has also added mixed in right measure the Swathi – Krisha romantic track and Arya’s action sequences. Thanks to the presence of Thambi Ramaia, Robo Shankar, and FM Balaji, Menon manages to present the movie with funny moments.

The problem with the script is that the strong build up to the D-day (the day when Arya and Karthi get into the wrong vehicles) doesn’t live up to the expectation. It does not evolve in to a more exciting second half. The characterization and activities of villain too do not justify the screen space the villain gets. The villain’s group and Otteri Mani’s group look like comedy pieces in many pleces. The twist about the villain is not convincing enough to make an impact on the audiences’ minds.

The movie runs fast but the story doesn’t take off even after a long time as most sequences seem to be have been put together without any coherence. The ESP angle hasn’t been utilized well. Too much of liberty has been taken in showing Krishna’s success in getting a chance to star in a movie.


That Arya has done well has no meaning at all as he doesn’t get anything new to perform. It is the same old Arya we have seen in many films. On the other hand, Krishna gets a sumptuous role and utilizes it well. Deepa Sannidhi and Swathi are real value additions. Swathi impresses by her bubbly presence while Deepa makes an impact with her composure.

Thambi Ramaiah, Ponvannan, Senrayan, Adil Hussain and Balaji have done their best to justify their respective roles in the movie. Cameo of S.J. Surya is interesting.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is peppy and youthful. Almost all the songs are hummable and the background score is quite impressive.

Om Prakash’s cinematography is excellent. Writers Subha have given some lively dialogues besides providing a solid story.

Positive points

• Fast-paced script;
• Fun elements; and
• Music and cinematography

Negative points

• Lack of seriousness in serious sequences;
• Lack of coherence in the script; and
• Under utilization of the storyline


Vishnuvardhan, known for successfully making twin hero subjects, slips up badly this time as he fails to come up with a strong script.

Yatchan: Not so exciting

2 stars
2 stars

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