Yasmin Ponappa is open to run around trees

Yasmin Ponnappa
Yasmin Ponnappa

Te drop dead gorgeous Yasmin Ponappa from a project should have tough decision to take ,Yasmin  was in fact, one of the four actresses who was short listed for the role of Latika in Danny Boyle’s film Slumdog Millionaire which brought our Kollywood composer AR Rahman 2 Oscars too. Starting as a part-time model in Bangalore and took it up as her profession as she moved to Mumbai.

Yasmin you were supposed to be in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, isn’t it?

“During that time Loveleen Tandan was casting for the film, and had short listed girls from across India. She had tested me for another project that didn’t go through, so she had me in mind (for the role of Latika). I got shortlisted by Danny, and did the final reading with him, but as you know, Freida got it,”

So was it a conscious decision to shift to Tamil movies?

Not really, actually the Tamil film Aaranya Kaandam, happened by chance. I was content with pursuing my modelling. The director saw a hoarding for a campaign which apparently I did in Chennai. They got in touch with me and narrated the script. I tested for it and it clicked,” says Yasmin.

Aaranya Kaandam — which was premiered at the South Asian Film Festival in New York, where it won the Grand Jury Award for Best Film.It definitely feels great isn’t? Do you plan for further Kollywood releases now?

“I’m just waiting for this film to release. You need to have a show reel, which I didn’t till now. Since I now have something, maybe I’ll think of international or domestic (projects). I don’t care which language or which region as long as the story is good,” says Yasmin.

“I’m going to bide my time and wait for the film to release and then we’ll see how people react to it. It makes sense to plan then. If the performance is good, work will come my way,”

A lot has been said about your movie and western audiences seem to accept it as an art house film.

“Aaranya Kaandam is not an art house film. Just because I’m not wearing make-up, there’s this tendency to call it an art film. Also, I don’t want to specify and say that I want to do this genre and that genre. Running around trees is fine as long as it’s relevant,”

We wish you luck for your venture Yasmin, and look forward to a great response in the future.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team.

Merry Christmas to you too


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