Yanthram For 30 Crores


Endhiran producers have realized the worth of the star power of the current project and hence, decided not to sell the dubbed Telugu version(Yanthram) for no less than Rs 30 crores.

While the high prices quoted by the producer of the film, Kalanidhi Maran, is the talk of the town.Several Andra producers reportedly have made a beeline in Chennai to buy the rights of the high-budget and the highly awaited film.

While Top Telugu producer Bellamkonda Suresh offered a sum of Rs.20 crores but sources say the producers haven’t settled for it. Sources also informed that Venkat of RR Movie Makers settled at Rs.24 crores while Chadalavada Srinivas Rao also came close to a similar amount but Sun Pictures are hell-bent on their demand.

Yanthram is likely to hit the screens on September 24, 2010 along with its Tamil version Endhiram

The movie which was set for a September 3 release has been delayed due to last minute patch works and tight dates of AR Rahman for the re-recording. With the Robot gaining power each day, let’s hope we see a much powerful Endhiran on the 24th.



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