Yaar Indha Dhilludura-a phenomenon after pulli raja-Ramji Speaks video


As you may be aware Dhillu Dura is the talk of the State now. Dhillu Dura is anywhere and  everywhere.

Flip a News Paper Dhillu Dura is there

Turn a Magazine Dhillu Dura is there

Switch on the Television Dhillu Dura is there

Tune in to your Radio Dhillu Dura is there

Turn around Dhillu Dura stares at you in Hoardings

Dhillu Dura is here there and everywhere.

Dhillu Dura is becoming a phenomenon after pulli raja

This promotional campaign is brought up by the AIDS Prevention and Control (APAC) project and the same is administered by the Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Chennai with financial assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under a tripartite agreement with the Government of India. APAC project has been implementing STI/HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs in Tamil Nadu since 1995 and in Puducherry from 2002.

Dhilludura Contact no

Dhilludura is right in contacting Nambikai Maiyam, its now our turn to step into Nambikai Maiyam and get professional advice on all HIV and AIDS related queries. 100% confidentiality maintained and completely professional. Alternatively you can contact Nambikai Maiyam by email: [email protected]


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